35+ Years of Global Video Expertise

I’m Ed McNichol and I'm a Video Specialist and Photographer with 35+ years of global expertise.

When I was eight years old, a family friend took us to a local park where he shot several rolls of 8mm film, and he did a bunch of in-camera tricks while he shot. Several weeks later, he brought the developed film, a projector and a screen over to our house. As soon as he started the projector, I was blown away and mesmerized. Whatever that magic was, I wanted to do that for all of my life.

I resurrected the previously dormant Television Club at my high school and developed early technical skills there. I joined the Army as a Motion Picture Specialist (84C), where I cross-trained as a Television / Audio Production Specialist (84F) and made the painful transition from film to video. I shot and edited programs that documented tests conducted on future weapons and tactics at Ft. Hunter Liggett in California. (Nope, nobody's ever heard of it.)

I then worked as a Video Production Specialist for the State of Oregon, producing videos for state agencies. After that, I worked at Westcom Productions where I edited the ESPN Home Video Library and long-form videos. I worked in Anchorage, Alaska for Syntax Productions and created hundreds of television commercials and television programs. I then worked at Victory Studios in Seattle and Hollywood, running their editing suites. I served as Post-Production Supervisor at the University of Washington, where I helped design a shared-storage editing facility which I then managed. While doing all of that, I was also a Trainer for Sony for 11 years.

Since 2010, I've developed expertise in designing, building and operating sophisticated shipboard video systems that support deep sea research and exploration using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). I have served as Video Systems Specialist, Project Manager and Mission Photographer on more than forty international expeditions. This requires numerous skills, including video engineering, shooting and editing, project management, underwater camera operation, networking, computer scripting, marine operations, critical data protection, industrial safety, database management, scientific notation, naming standards, digital asset management, closed captioning and workflow design. I also get to use my ability to develop elegant systems that support streamlined processes through innovative tools and procedures. More information on this work can be found at this website.

I've come along way from that day we shot 8mm film in a park, but I still aim to craft compelling content that is every bit as mesmerizing as the experience I had back then.

I am currently available for traditional video production and photography assignments, as well as ship-based work. Feel free to review the Professional section of the website to learn more about my services. There you will find my current resume, bio, client list, demo reel, testimonials and recent work samples. I've also included a brief Personal section here if you want to learn more about who I am.

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