35+ Years of Global Video Expertise

Demo Reel

This is my personal demo reel from 2001. It’s a bit dated now, but I think it accurately reflects who I am and what I have to offer. It was shot on Digital Betacam and edited on an Avid Media Composer. Text effects were accomplished with After Effects.

Motion Graphics and Sound Design

These are some representative samples of content I created using various motion graphics and sound design tools.

NOAA Tsunami Education

I produced and edited this piece for NOAA that focused on the tsunami that struck American Samoa in 2009. The goal of the video is to create cultural awareness of the lessons learned to ensure that fatalities are minimized in future events. I chose an editing style, and narrator, that would be well received by the Samoan target audience.

University of Washington Visions'13 Expedition Promotion

I was tasked to edit and produce this video to build excitement for the live webcast of the Visions'13 Expedition by the University of Washington School of Oceanography.

GenArts Video Plugin Demo

This is a spot I produced for a fictional vineyard. This work was commissioned by GenArts to demonstrate their Sapphire Edge video plugin product. This version shows the original rough cut with scratch track, followed by the finished video using effects from GenArts, ArtBeats generously provided the footage for this project.

Dive Shop Promo

This is a short promo for Jack's Diving Locker in Kona, Hawaii. Primary camera was done by Trent McNelly. I shot the remainder and did all of the post-production.

Sample Army Production

This is a fairly good representation of what I did in the military. I was assigned to the Motion Picture Section, Pictorial Branch, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Instrumentation Command, United States Army Combat Developments Experimentation Command (CDEC). We conducted experiments on future weapons, technology and tactics at Fort Hunter Liggett, California. My unit produced films and videos that documented how the tests were conducted. This video documents follow-up test that were conducted on the HMMWV prototypes.