35+ Years of Global Video Expertise

Conrad Denke, Owner, Victory Studios
“Ed is an incredibly talented editor and story teller. In addition, his technical expertise is extraordinary. The combination of these talents is hard to find in our industry. Ed will bring success to any company he works for.”

Kathy Minnis, Producer / Writer, Garrigan Lyman Group
“Ed is a fantastic editor who not only executes technically but elevates projects creatively. He is fantastic to work with and I turn to him whenever there's a high profile project that needs an expert eye and a flexible attitude. Plus, he's really great at rolling with client feedback!”

Timothy Lorang, Director, ResearchChannel
“Ed is an excellent editor both technically and esthetically with great command of the latest technologies and techniques. He has great customer service skills and a genuine desire to please his clients.”

David Frasco, Enterprise Account Manager, Avid Technology
“When I was at Sony as a Product Manager for Editors, Ed was one of three main demo artists/instructors that we used for trade shows and training. Ed is detail oriented, has a great grasp of the video production industry and has a fantastic rapport with people. His enthusiasm and knowledge are great attributes and I highly recommend Ed.”

Steve Crandall, Managing Director, ProMotion Arts, LLC
“I was extremely fortunate to have been hired to work for Ed at the University of Washington early on in my career. In addition to being the most technically knowledgeable professional I have met in the field, Ed is also an exceptional mentor and manager. I would work with him again in an instant.”

JR Steendahl, Owner, JR Creative
“Ed has been a great mentor and friend. I have impressed many clients with workflows and techniques I learned from Ed at the SEAFCPUG and while working for him at the UW. He has a rare combination of being creatively innovative and at the same time technically brilliant. Not to mention the effortless rapport he has with the people he works with, whether he's teaching or cutting.”

John Wray, Executive Vice President, Westcom
“Ed is a great editor from the first time you walk in to get to work. Each project is a team effort and Ed makes sure the ball goes through the hoop.There are editors who require a lot of hand-holding when working on a project, but fortunately for all who work with Ed we're confident he'll come up with a great finished product that will make us all proud.”

Greg Young, Producer, University of Washington
“Ed is one of the most talented editors I have known, He is a proven leader and manager and his 'out-of-the-box' approach to solutions is invaluable to any organization. Ed provides a superior product for his clients and does not settle for anything less. It has been a great pleasure to work with someone of Ed's caliber.”

Nick Denke, Music Composer / Audio Mixer, Victory Studios
"Ed has a great combination of technical and creative skills. He knows his software and editing systems well enough to train others yet he also knows how to tell a great story with pictures and sound. He's a ball of energy with an attitude that will never let you down."

Valerie Vozza
, TV Photographer / Editor
“Ed is such a great guy to work with/for. His total commitment to customer service and his enthusiasm for all things digital was contagious! He's fun and funny, which goes a long way in the post production world. His impeccable attention to detail and knowledge base round out the package that is Ed McNichol.”

Justin Kauer, Motion Graphics Editor
"The time I spent working with Ed @ UWTV will always be regarded as my most valuable learning experience in this industry. His patience with a fresh graduate out of the Art Institute has built my platform and ambition to not only succeed, but also give back along the way."

Henry Rubin, Vice-President - Senior Editor, VIdeo Workshop
“Working with Ed McNichol has always been a great experience. Ed has always been top in his field, creative, enthusiastic and technically head and shoulders above the crowd.”

Michael Buday, Product Design Consultant, Sony
“Ed's deep knowledge of video and film production and post production gear made him a valuable asset to Sony as a freelance trainer. Ed's ability to convey complex concepts in regard to digital-fx , editing systems, video switchers, audio mixers and other broadcast equipment - coupled with his quick wit - keeps him in high demand in the broadcast industry.”

Marc Castillo, Assistant Editor, University of Washington
“Ed McNichol is an amazing Manager and Post-Production Supervisor. One of his many responsibilities was to train me as an Assistant Editor. I learned more from him in the one year under his supervision than I had in my entire five year career previously. Senior editors are usually really creative and talented editors with poor managing and organizational skills, or they are really organized but not creative and in tune with the editing styles of the day. Ed is one of those rare editors who is organized as well as having his finger on the pulse of the industry.”

Rob MacCaul, Freelance Video Editor
“Ed is a joy to work with. He can work with any and all types of different personalities and continues to shine. He's detail oriented and understands what it takes to get the job done. I enjoy working along side Ed!”

Daniel Singley, President, Dansing Marketing Group
“I have had the opportunity to work with Ed on several projects since the late 1990’s. He’s a guy that knows his stuff and how to make it happen. Working with him is a blast. He adds the right amount of input and direction to take projects from ordinary to extraordinary. Ed is someone that I am always happy to work with and when he is not available, I feel that something is missing.”

Dave Robertson, Video Network Engineer, University of Washington
“Ed is extremely detail oriented and combines the "art" of editing with the technical knowlege to manage the hardware and software required to do it. This is a rare talent indeed. Add to that being customer driven and a people person and Ed is able to give a level of customer service not always seen in our industry.”

Geoff Nelson, Owner, Megahertz Productions, Inc.
“Ed did a great job putting my website together back in the early 2000's. Not only did Ed design the site, he handled all the editing for the video sections of my site. Ed just says "yes" to whatever you might need done and does so with a smile. I made a good choice when I hired Ed to handle my multi-media needs.”

Steve Hester, 84C Motion Picture Camera Operator, US Army
“Ed and I shot film and video on the same crew for the US Army's Combat Development Experimentation Command, where it was commonplace to film multi-million dollar weapons tests-with no chance of a 2nd take. Ed's unwavering dedication to the finest quality of work profoundly affected my own personal and professional career. His personal level of excellence in all aspects of our film crew stick with me to this day.”